Walnut Wednesday Banana Bread Recipe

Walnuts are one of the most nutritious nuts. Like all nuts, they contain good fats. They are a great vegetarian source of essential fatty acid omega 3 which can help with brain function. Omega 3 can help reduce oxidative stress in the brain and help improve brain signalling. Other nutrients found in walnuts, such as vitamin E and folate, also help with memory function. There is also evidence that the nutrients in walnuts can help with heart health and even enhance mood. An all round winner….
Banana bread is a favorite in our household. For a special treat we eat it straight out of the oven with butter and raspberry jam. This recipe is easy peasy. It’s a great way to use up those old bananas! Get the kids involved by grating the apple and mushing up those yukky bananas. If walnuts just aren’t your thing, you could replace them with other nuts, such as pecans, or seeds.

Sugar Free Banana Bread Recipe 

  1. Turn on oven to 150c
  2. Mash 3 bananas (preferably old ones) with 125g of soft butter
  3. Grate a large apple. Add this plus a large tablespoon of honey to the banana and butter mixture
  4. Sieve in 250g self raising flour. If you like cinnamon or nutmeg, stir in half a teaspoon
  5. Drop in 2 eggs. Give it all a stir.
  6. Finally, throw in 2-3 handfuls (3-4 kiddie handfuls) of walnuts and give it all a good mix
  7. Pour the mixture into a loaf tin and put it in the over for an hour and a half.


Do you have a healthy walnut recipe that you’d like to share? If so, contact us  now!