Date, Apricot & Seed Raw Bites


Our Date, Apricot & Seed Raw Bites are made by combining juicy Apricots and Dates with dessicated Coconut, Linseed & Sunflower Seeds. They’re mixed together without any added heat to retain more flavour and nutritional value. We’re really proud of this delicious, 100% plant based, gluten free and vegan snack.

The combination of ingredients in Date, Apricot & Seed Raw Bites make for a real nutritional powerhouse. Dates are low in saturated fat and cholesterol but full of naturally occurring fruit sugars. They’re also a source of dietary fibre and contain good levels of magnesium – critical for effective cell function.  Apricots are fabulous fruits packed full of nutrients. They’re low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium and are a good source of dietary fibre. They also contain potassium, a mineral essential to lots of important physiological processes in our bodies and Vitamin A which is critical for healthy eyes and vision. We add Linseed and Sunflower Seeds to the mix for texture but also for their nutritional content. Linseeds are a good source of essential minerals like Copper, Phosphorus and Manganese and a great source of dietary fibre. Sunflower Seeds are full of essential minerals and are a great source of Vitamin E, an important nutrient and antioxidant. Finally, Coconut is a great source of Manganese, a mineral critical for our bodies processing of proteins, carbohydrates and cholesterol and also vitamins including choline, thiamine, and vitamins C and E.

Try our Date, Apricot & Seed Raw Bites with your morning coffee or as a nutrient packed snack to help beat the mid afternoon slump!

Ingredient Origin: The ingredients come from all around the world: Apricots (Prunus armeniaca): Turkey; Dates (Phoenix dactylifera) Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan; Linseed / Flaxseed (Linum isitatissimum): EU; Sunflower Seeds (Helianthus annuus): USA, Ukraine; Coconut (Cocos nucifera): Philippines, Sri Lanka

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Apricots  (44%), Dates (36%), Dessicated Coconut, Linseed (6%), Sunflower Seeds (4%)


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