Introducing Our Online Specials – Get Your Cranberry, Almonds & Pecan Snack Today!

Cranberry, Almond Pecan Snack Mix Special Offer - Healthy Snacks - The Good Snack Co

Your favourite healthy snack provider is back online with a vengeance! Those of you with eagle eyes may have seen that our website has undergone a bit of a facelift to make it easier for you to find the healthy snacks you need, when you need them. To celebrate the launch and embrace the online side of things we’ve also decided to offer you a monthly online special, every month – special huh? Read on to find out more.

Here Comes The Site

If you’ve been a frequent flier here you may have seen that the old site needed an overhaul and we were happy to oblige. It took a while but you can now browser our products easier than before, use a nifty search feature to track down the snack of your dreams, keep up to date with what is happening in the Good Snack Co HQ as well as try out some healthy recipes (hello vegan granola!)

Juicy And Crunchy Goodness – The Special Offer of the Month!

Our cranberry, almond & pecan snack mix has been part of the Good Snack story since the beginning and is a proven favourite. Combining the famed tastes of North America – juicy cranberries, crunchy almonds, pecans and healthy seeds – this is a healthy and tasty snack. It’s an ideal way to start your day or give you that little boost when the office slump is starting to take over. Not only that though, reports have confirmed that when you flake this snack over your morning breakfast you’re day will be at least 26% better, try it yourself!

Cranberry, Almond, Pecan Snack - Healthy Snack Special Offer - The Good Snack Company

Cranberry, Almond & Pecan Snack With 40% Off!

If you haven’t tried our cranberry, almond and pecan snack before then make sure you give it a whirl now with 40% until the end of February. This snack has been a favourite for over a decade and is both gluten free and suitable for vegans #megawin! Add a few to your cart now and embrace some healthy snacks!

Why Are We Offering You A Monthly Special Offer?

There are two main reasons why we’re going to run a monthly special offer.

  1. We want you to try more of our healthy snacks, we’re proud of our range of snacks and know that once you try them, you’ll love them, so try them with 40% off!
  2. See point 1.

Healthy Snacks, This Month, Next Month & Every Month

Take this as a bold statement of intent of our mission to change the snacking culture in Ireland, one snack at at time. We’re passionate about our products and know that once you try them you’ll be an advocate to, really. Try our healthy snacks, like them, love them, live longer.

If you’ve any questions about our snacks, are interested in stocking them or have a recipe suggestion then get in touch with us today!

Until next time, snack on!