The Lockdown Snack Special – Stress Free Snacking

The Lockdown Snack Special Offer - The Good Snack Company

Are you stressed or worried about Coronavirus and having to put yourself and family into lockdown?

Here at The Good Snack Co, we have kids, wives, husbands and elderly family members too and understand what you are going through. When you’ve nothing but the four walls of a house closing in on you and our little bundles of joy doing their best to knock down those walls it is inevitable that there will be some tetchy times in homes across Ireland. Whilst it may not be much, we want to do our bit to help shush rumbling tummies and keep you stocked you up with healthy, stress free snacks, that will be delivered to your door. Snack lovers of the world rejoice as we are happy to offer you our aptly named, Coronavirus Lockdown Snack Special!

Avoid The Shops With The Coronavirus Lockdown Snack Special

We’re living in strange times. However, with our lockdown snack special one thing you can take off the worry list is getting hold of tasty healthy snacks for you and your family – the Good Snack Company will look after that for you. With our new Coronavirus special offer we will deliver a selection of 50 snacks directly to your home so you have no need to visit shops.

Lockdown Snack Special Offer Contents

50 Packs of Snacks – Something for Everyone!

Our Lockdown Snack Special selection includes favourites for all the family including Chocolate Pumpkin Seeds, Honey Peanut & Cashew Mix, Salted Beans & Seed Mix, Energize Mix, Salt and Pepper Nut Mix and Brazil Nuts. Each order will contain a good variety of snacks suitable for all of your family with each order being enough to keep you going for about a month! You can see the full Lockdown Snack Special lineup below!

Can Brazil Nuts Help?

Whilst we are no doctors we are nut fanatics and do know that Brazil Nuts can help against the regular flu. Brazil nuts have a very high content of protein and selenium, a mineral that is very important for proper immune function. Studies of mice have shown that mice with lower levels of selenium show a higher levels of influenza inflammation. Needless to say we don’t know if this is a factor for Covid-19 but there is a lot of good in nuts that we often overlook so each order will contain some packs of Brazil Nuts – just in case!

Lockdown Snack Special Offer - Healthy Snacks

Coronavirus Lockdown Snack Special – Get Yours Now!

If you want to take the stress out of snacking during the coronavirus lockdown make sure you grab yourself Coronavirus Lockdown Snack Special. 50 healthy snacks, delivered to your door to help keep you and family satiated and healthy during these trying times. The offer will only run whilst coronavirus is a pandemic so we really hope that we have to pull this offer sooner rather than later. For now though, order yours here or if you’ve any questions just contact us.

Until next time, snack on!