About Us

We started making snacks because we got fed up with the lack of choice when we were working hard and got the munchies.

We wanted snacks that tasted great, used simple ingredients and were good for us, but we couldn’t find them. So The Good Snack Company was born. A real quick example.

As we’ve grown, we’ve learned lots along the way. Most importantly, we’ve learned that life happens and kids grow up quickly. So now we’re a team of like-minded people working hard to make delicious, nutritious snacks. And then going home to spend time with our families.

The Good Snack Company Team - Ireland

Eat Plants Plant Trees

Whether a Cashew tree in Cote D’Ivoire, a huge Brazil nut tree in the Amazon or a bright yellow Sunflower somewhere in Ukraine, almost all our ingredients come from trees and plants. Without them, and the people who work hard to cultivate them, we wouldn’t be in business.

However, we can’t avoid the facts about the impact our hunger for delicious, healthy snacks has on our environment. From cultivation to harvesting, transportation to packaging, getting our snacks to you creates CO2 emissions.

So, to help offset the CO2 released by our business, we’re working to make our business Carbon Neutral. And we’re doing it by planting trees.

eat plants - plant trees - The Good Snack Company

Work with Us

Family friendly, flexible working is at the heart of our business. If you’re interested in joining the team, please drop us a line.

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