Health Benefits for Nut Lovers

The humble nut has long been hugely underrated as a health conscious, nutritious snack. Some popular misconceptions about nut consumption are that they are high in calories and that they contain worryingly high levels of fat. However, as with most discussions on nutrition, the devil is in the detail and in the latest of our ongoing series of blog posts we will examine some of the multiple benefits enjoyed by the discerning nut lover.

A recent study carried out in The Netherlands by Professor Piet van den Brandt has found that regular nut consumers may enjoy health benefits ranging from improved cognitive performance to protection against Alzheimer’s disease in addition to lowering their risk of heart disease. This intriguing study was carried out among 120,000 Dutch males and females across an age range of 55 to 69 years old. The outcome of the study was that consumption of 10 to 15 grams per day of pure nuts (such as Brazil nuts, cashews, peanuts and almonds) was found to be consistent among the element of the group that had a substantially lower mortality rate.

As a protein rich plant food, nuts give us a wide variety of nutrients and are a strong and easily accessible source of healthy (monounstaurated and polyunsaturated) fats. Multiple health bodies recommend a daily serving of approximately 30 grams and when we examine the range of nutrients and benefits associated with different types of nut it is easy to see why they are so highly recommended by professional nutritionists:

Almonds – provide protein, calcium and vitamin E.
Walnuts – contain plant omega 3 and many antioxidants.
Macadamias – are extremely high in monounsaturated fats and manganese.
Brazil nuts – give us fibre and selenium: just two brazil nuts a day provides 100% RDI for selenium for an adult.
Cashews: – are a great source of protein and also have a low GI rating.
Hazelnuts – give us fibre, potassium and vitamin E.

At the Good Snack company, we are committed to offering our customers healthy nutritious snacks which also happen to taste great. What we ensure is that in addition to tasting great all of our snacks are natural and contain no artiificial additives. Nut based snacks are a big part of our offering and we would like everyone to know just how beneficial regular nut consumption can be. As the blog develops we will be revisiting the topic of nut nutrition so please keep an eye out for further posts or if you have any queries at all you can contact us at hello@thegoodsnackcompany.com or through our Facebook page.”

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