Nutrition and Productivity at Work

When it comes to the much discussed topic of nutrition and productivity we are all familiar with the conventional staples of wisdom which contribute towards us being healthy and, consequently, focused for work. For example, ”get your five a day (fruit and vegetables)”, ”drink plenty of water”…etc are universally recognised as being sound nutritional principles. As we begin to relate nutrition to working performance, though, we must look at how consumption of different food types affects our brains and keeps us focused and alert to a greater or lesser extent.

To function at an optimum level our brains need to be consistently supplied with glucose which arrives through our blood sugar. This does not mean, however, that the best way forward in this regard is to continuously consume foods that are excessively high in refined sugar. On the contrary, medical research has found that abnormally high glucose levels as a result of copious, quick sugar intake actually result in vastly reduced brain performance and that cognitive difficulties can often occur.

A recent University of Wisconsin study found that the kind of quick fix glucose spike caused by an intake of refined sugar results in a fleeting period of alertness
followed by a big drop in Glucose levels causing lapses in our attention span and alterations in mood and ability to concentrate.

On the other hand, when we consume healthy snacks and foods the release of glucose is much slower and occurs over a significantly longer period of time allowing us to maintain a steady, sustainable glucose level resulting in consistency of focus and concentration.

The Glycemic Index (GI) is a measurement of how quickly our bodies can break down good or bad carbohydrates in our diet to provide the glucose that is needed to fuel us with energy. Foods that rank highly on the glycemic index include those that are high in refined sugar and that have been made with white flour. Foods with a low GI number are those that, as previously described, provide a much slower (and more stable) effect on blood sugar levels. High fibre foods and snacks like nuts, fruits, seeds and wholegrains provide our blood sugar levels with a stability which allows us to maintain focus over a long period of time.

Glucose regulation through consumption of the right nutrients is just one area that we will be writing about in relation to nutrition and productivity at work. What is indisputable is that healthy snacking at work helps keep our brains supplied with the nutrients we require to maintain concentration. In this series of blog posts we will be exploring this theme in further detail while also be looking at how our approach to nutrition ties in with sleep and excercise to maximise our productivity and performance at work.

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